How Rhonda Made $250,000 from her SLO funnel with ads & adds 75 membership sales per month |

How Rhonda Made $250,000 from her SLO funnel with ads & adds 75 membership sales per month

How Rhonda Made $250,000 from her SLO funnel with ads & adds 75 membership sales per month

Watch this video interview if you are interested in learning why running ads for your business is imperative to learn as a business owner and the gold mine of data that is to be found (for low costs). This data can quickly pinpoint your opportunities to scale and determine the messages and offers your ideal customers resonate with fast and for low investment in ad spend.

Rhonda helps business owners get systems and processes implemented into their businesses.

Within 6 months of joining the Accelerator Rhonda has:

  • Made $250,000 from her SLO funnel with ads
  • Adds 76 new members to her membership EACH MONTH (it previously took her an entire year to do this before the Accelerator).

Top Questions I Ask In This Interview:

  • From joining until now, what was the journey of ads for you?
  • Were there any moments you wanted to give up?
  • Were there any defining moments you thought “this is working!”?
  • What would you tell someone else that’s in the stage of investing in data and not seeing the outcome they desire yet?
  • What were any aha or moments of clarity you experienced along the way?
  • How did it feel to hire an ads manager empowered with ads that are already working and your knowledge?
  • What were you most surprised by? 

Key Takeways

I really vouch for business owners learning how to run ads themselves before handing off their ads to an ads agency or manager.

We as an agency get so many applications from business owners to run their ads that we point toward our Accelerator FIRST.


It’s not that we don’t want to help everyone.

When you can hand over ads that are proven, working, and profitable to an ads team YOUR life gets easier.

When business owners hand over their ads without a proven track record let me tell you – they are STRESSED out.

Sound familiar?

When your ads are already working, you skip the stressful testing phase while paying someone else.

Instead, an ads manager should essentially be able to pour gasoline on an already burning fire if you already have your ads working.

Sounds way more zen, right?

Just imagine how much easier and less stressful that process will be for YOU, the business owner when you can chat with an ad expert and say “these are working

Most business owners don’t want to run their ads themselves long-term.

Instead, they would much rather focus that energy on their zone of genius long term.

However, learning how to run ads allows you to:

  • Validate your message at every stage of your customer journey
  • Pivot if necessary
  • Learn your cost per sale, lead, etc.
  • Gather the data that makes every area of your business better.
  • So MUCH more

Want to learn how to build and run profitable ads for your business? My masterclass breaks it all down for you.

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How Rhonda Made $250,000 from her SLO funnel with ads & adds 75 membership sales per month


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