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Focus On Small Wins

Focus On Small Wins

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.

– Napoleon Hill

You know that image we’ve all seen where the person who has been digging for what feels like ever to find gold and is *this* close to cracking open the wall to find gold but turns around, defeated at last?

You want to scream at that person “Don’t give up!! Keep going!!”, right? – Me too

When you’re that person IN IT though…like really in that digging phase….looking for the gold nuggets it can feel like you’re walking through sludge.

But here’s the thing…that feeling is TEMPORARY. 

If you can get over the want to find gold instantly and instead keep digging on the path speckled with gold flakes, you’ll find that pot of gold you’re looking for.

There are two things I see people doing that never feel like they’re winning with ads:

  • stopping too early
  • not knowing the indicators that tell you gold is literally right around the corner if you could only spot the theoretical gold flecks starting to show up

Too many people expect to find a gold mine on day two of ads because they heard about someone crushing it with ads and thought “this can’t be that hard, right?”.

What typically isn’t shared is the indicators to look for (gold flecks showing up in this little story) that tell you you’re getting closer to that gold mine or the LACK of gold flecks to tell you to alter your route before you’ve spent all your dollar bills.

Data + Persistence = The Gold Mine of 2021 and beyond

If you want to know how to look for gold flecks that turn into gold nuggets I break down the process in my masterclass. 

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Focus On Small Wins


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