Entrepreneurship = adaptation.

Entrepreneurship = adaptation.

The world is constantly changing and we must always be not only ok with adapting but welcome it.

I’ve been running ads exclusively for 5 years and the #1 difference I see between businesses that flourish and those that flounder?

Adapting to change fast and with ease.

This is 100% a mindset.

I was recently asked by a member of Have Them At Hello what I thought the iOS14 changes would mean for students.

My response?

I’m excited!

Here’s the thing. Over the past 5 years, there have been countless times some big change by Facebook® or Instagram® was going to be the “doom” of successful ads.

I’m still waiting for that to happen…..

Instead of wasting our time wondering what’s going to happen, I’m making plans.

The way I teach and run ads makes it easy to win regardless of changes on platforms. Why? Because when you run ads in a way that invests in people, your relationships with them and guides them to only want to buy from you, small changes to platforms never break your system.

What does happen is your “competitors” who weren’t running healthy, sustainable ads start to flounder. You win more. The cream rises to the top.

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Entrepreneurship = adaptation.


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