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Who knows your customers best?

Who knows your customers best?

Let’s chat about your customer.

Do you ever find yourself surprised? That’s the initial reaction most business owners have when they start running ads the way I teach.


This is that initial reaction that we, as business owners have when we start running ads the way I teach.

Here’s the thing: do you know who knows your customers best? Them.

See, what most business owners do is run ads in a way that assumes they know their customers best.

I usually tell them to hold up, flip it, and reverse it (Missy Elliot inspo…that’s right).

We need to run ads in a way that gets your ideal customers to raise THEIR virtual hands and tell you what they want.

Because wouldn’t it be easier to be able to just look at the data and see what they’re saying “More, please!” at every stage of your funnel?

Psssst….this literally costs less than $5/day to figure out when you know the indicators to look for.

When you run ads this way and discover what their audiences truly wants only to lead them to launch a brand new product on that data which CRUSHES it….when they were banging their heads against the wall before wondering why no one was buying. And we have ALL been there. That is why I teach what I do, to help avoid this.

You’re probably really smart, but I promise your customers are even smarter at knowing what they want. Because here’s the deal. If you only need 5 customers to hit your goals per month it’s easier to know what fewer people need.

But as you scale?

The game changes. The more people you’re getting in front of, the less you can assume. I mean you know what they say about assuming…

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Who knows your customers best?


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